Cristo de la Junquera Chapel

Chilches / Xilxes

This chapel honouring the image of Christ, Cristo de la Junquera, was recently rebuilt in the same spot where tradition says the image of the town’s patron saint was found on 18 January 1625 by brothers Pedro and Juan Margalló. The aim is to recover the religious tradition of romerias and religious pilgrimages.

The new structure has made it possible to highlight some of the few archaeological remains of the ancient chapel, which featured a Greek-cross plan and some 60 square metres, which were most likely in ruins already at the end of the 19th century or early 20th century, the existence of which is only known due to the remains of a wall from the original building.

Access to the chapel is through the Camino de la Ermita road, a rural road that’s also accessible for vehicles.



More information

This chapel is 1 km from the town centre. 

Cristo de la Junquera Chapel (Xilxes), conserving tradition