Parish Church


It has three naves, with a transept and a dome, with a classic austerity and scant ornamentation. The dome felt down in 1880 and it was rebuilt in 1884. The niche of the Virgen de Gracia (Virgin of Grace), located behind the altar, in the transept, has a small size; it is limited to a structure of four pilasters with a theory of arches as the base of a dome without any dome or opening.

Among the artworks of the temple, the paintings of the vaults, made by Segorbino Vicente Izquierdo, of mid-nineteenth century, must be highlighted. It is noteworthy the main altarpiece, coming from the Cartuja de Vall de Crist, which is incomplete and without original sculptures and pictures, except for some reliefs, is a work of Juan Orliens and was made in 1633.

There are also carvings and pictures: the statue of the Virgin of Grace, patron saint of the town, a polychrome carving of the 15th century, a carving of Saint Anthony of Padua (second half of the 18th century), a panel painting with Inmaculada joanesca, corresponding to the end of the 16th century and, in particular, the mutilated and incomplete altarpiece of San Miguel (Saint Michael), Virgin and Saints, of the 15th century, whose unknown author has been named “the master of Altura”.