Tower of the Fondeta

Declared of Cultural Interest - Albocàsser

It must have been an isolated defensive tower, which is common in the highlands of the Maestrazgo region.

It has a square plan, built in masonry and small ashlar stones in its corners. It has small windows at the top and a three-floor height. It is crowned by a sloping and partially merloned roof. It is in fairly good condition and it has been plastered in its lower side.

It is named after a close fountain, which is located about two hundred meters away in the ancient path to Valencia. It is also known as the Torre dels Blanco, the nickname of the family of its last owners. The tower also belonged to the Fuster family; some of its more relevant members were the archbishop of Sacer, Mr Gaspar Fuster i Vidal; Mr Manuel Fuster Membrado, a writer and resident in Valencia and first cousin of the archbishop Gaspar; and Mr Ramón de Pedro i Fuster, Maestranza nobleman of Valencia and of the fleur-de-lis of France, a known writer and genealogist.