Asunción Church

Les Coves de Vinromà

Although the front façade displays the date 1793, works continued into the 19th century. Likewise, the bell tower and the altars were constructed well into the 19th century.

The church consists of three naves of the same height, and is split into three sections. It has a transept, a high altar, and a high choir at its entrance. There are two niche-like chapels found in the side naves, in between the buttresses. In addition, there are two sacristies and a Communion Chapel on the sides of the high altar. They give access to the rear sanctum, near the church’s apse.

In the front façade, there is a two-metre tall ceramic image of the Virgin Mary, created by the artist Tomas Roures.

The bell tower is made up of two different sections. Its base and body is square and its belfry is octagonal.