If you want to know a brief history of the Fallas in La Vall d'Uixó, we should look back to 1982, when the first monument of the Fallas was erected in la Plaza Buenavista. The first Fallas club was made up as a neighbourhood and cultural association or group. A group called “Pepes”, as most of them were called Jose or Pepe, created, in an improvised way the first Fallas association in La Vall d'Uixó. And this was the first step of such a Valencian tradition. That first monument was called “Pensat i Fet” (Thought and Done).

In 1987, the second Fallas commission in La Vall d'Uixó was created, “L’Ambient” (Good Atmosphere), a name that was proposed as it was located in a newly-build area, where all the good atmosphere was located: shops, bars and leisure areas.

In 1991, the traditional Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses) were placed for the first time in La Vall d'Uixó. Well, we refer to May Crosses involving the Fallas festivities, as before 1936, several crosses were placed in the city, but the Fallas associations were not in charge of it. The Fallas associations “Pensat i Fet” and “L'Ambient” commenced this tradition, remembering that the following March, in that same place where a cross was placed, a Fallas monument would be erected every year.

Both Fallas associations coexisted for a while, and it was not until 1994 that a new Fallas commission was created, “La que Faltava” (The One that was Missing), which erected its first monument in 1995. “La que Faltava” was the third Fallas commission of the town and, as the name itself suggests, it was “the one that was missing” in order to establish a Fallas Local Board in La Vall d’Uixó.


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