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Cingle del Mas D'en Josep


Located on a cliff overlooking the Barranc de Valltorta at 340 m. high and not easily accessible, in the two shelters, we observe various hunting scenes highlighting an archetypal image of a hunter running with his legs completely open and stylized body next to a wild boar wounded by arrows. In the groups and scenes, examples of native fauna are seen in different positions and with detailed finishes in some cases, rougher in others. In another scene, you can see deer, escaping the hunters' harassment. It's a curious scene of a collector climbing a tree or rope, with a bag on his back. The figure of a dog and even a rider also stand out, which speaks of the evolution of the society that paints these figures. The ornaments that carry the human figures are important represented in a detailed way as hats, feathers, bags, ribbons and other decorations. Some schematic elements can also be seen. They are paintings known since 1917, although recently studied. Their good state of conservation means that we can admire these paintings, from a splendid period of the prehistoric artists of La Valltorta, and the skill and quality of the compositions.

In the town of Tírig, there is the Valltorta Museum. Tírig is the place of birth of the great Castellón painter, Gabriel Puig Roda. In a landscape marked by the olive trees and the almond-tree, the Valltorta ravine has a capital importance in the shaping of the history of this Alt Maestrat locality placed in the interior valley, between the coast and the wild interior. In the town centre of picturesque houses, the 18th century Pilar parish church is its main monument. It has interesting paintings from the 18th century. In its municipal district we find several examples of "pedra en sec", the Ermita de Santa Bárbara, and the caves with cave paintings and the aforementioned museum. The most important festivals in the town are those of Santa Bárbara in December, Santa Quiteria in May and San Jaime in July.


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