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Fine Arts Museum

Castelló de la Plana

The Museum of Fine Arts in Castellón has a 150-year history, and its collection brings together the funds that initially formed different local entities: the Provincial Museum of Castellón, the art collection of the Provincial Council of Castellón, and various deposits (Prado Museum), donations (Justo Bou Álvaro, Rafael Forns Romans, Brothers Puig Roda-Alcácer, Juan Bautista Porcar, Juan Bautista Adsuara) and bequests (Francisco Esteve Gálvez).

Recently, the museum has incorporated into its collection the bequest of several oil paintings from Zurbarán's workshop, which have been donated by the Royal Convent of Capuchin Nuns in Castellón.

The current headquarters was inaugurated in 2001, and it is located in avenida Hermanos Bou. Architects Emilio Turión Álvarez and Luis Moreno Monsilla are the creators of this avant-garde building that has received several architectural awards.

Around the cloister we can find the four big blocks in which the building is divided: public, semi-public (offices), work (restoration and archaeology areas), and storage (basements). The public area corresponds to the permanent exhibition halls, divided into five levels.

The themes of the exhibitions are focused on archaeology, ethnology, painting or sculpture. In addition, the Valencian ceramics from the period between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries deserve to be highlighted. The exhibition of ceramics has more than 800 pieces, among which the most important are from Castellón, made in Alcora, Ribesalbes and Onda.

The section on archaeology and ethnology is comprised of five axes:

Art, communication and cultural tradition.
Arts of subsistence.
Food producers.
Technology and cultural change.
Complexity and urban society.
Finally, the section of painting and sculpture shows an overview of the development of these arts in the areas of Castellón. 



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