Group of Bells


Soneja has one of the most valuable groups of bells in the Diocese of Segorbe-Castellón. The “cuartos” bell is notable for the fact it dates back to 1250, which makes it the oldest bell in the diocese, one of the three oldest bells in Valencia and among the five oldest in all of Spain. It should be noted that next to this one, among the other church bells, are the 1550 Gothic bell called María, the 1794 “Salvador” bell and the two bells that were cast in 1795, Josefa and Miguela. The group is completed by the “hour” bell, called Nuestra Señora del Pilar, from 1847, and the small bell, from 1794. Also worthy of mention is the Ermita de San Francisco Javier’s bell, cast in 1691.



  • 12480 Soneja