Pens and Haystacks

Alcudia de Veo

There are many pens near the town and throughout the municipal area.  They were once used to protect the livestock travelling from Aragon to spend the winter months in this warmer area at night and on snowy days. Only the stone walls essentially still stand.

The haystacks, along with their threshing grounds, surround the town and are mainly located in the area of ​​the old cemetery, the warehouse, the castle rock next to the road and the St. Peter fountain, forming.  It all forms a small settlement with streets and squares.

They are two-storey structures.  The upper one was used to store the sheaves of grain at the level of the land to facilitate the storage on the ground floor of the hay resulting from the wheat threshing through a little hole.

Some of these pens and haystacks have been transformed into magnificent homes. 



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