Jinquer Ruins

Declared of Cultural Interest - Alcudia de Veo

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest, it’s an ancient village now in ruins.
Alcudia de Veo, a former Islamic hamlet, the name of which means “hut” or “granary” was abandoned by the Moriscos following their expulsion in 1609, and occupied by Christian settlers. The castle belonged to the House of Jérica, was later conquered and became a part of Alcadiazgo de Eslida group of fortifications which included the castles of Eslida, Ahín, Sueras, Veo and Xinquer. It dominates from the cliffs of a hill, the deserted Moorish one of the same name and the valley of the River Veo. It’s a rock castle, some structures of which still stand such as the crenelated sections of the wall and some of the spans.