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The Holy Wise Men Church


This Renaissance-style temple is 44 metres long by 24 metres wide with attached Corinthian and Doric columns, a Latin cross, a half cloister, a chapel and two slender domes paired with the tower and the castle.

According to an inscription engraved in stone, which coincides with the date of a bell, the first bit of construction of the Castellnovo Parish Temple was completed on 24 September 1662.

There are two superimposed stones over the round arch on the main doorway.  The first is engraved with the date the temple construction was finished and the other has a chalice-carved bas-relief with the inscription: "AL-SEA-EL-SAN-SAC-DEL AL", as far as can be understood.

Inside the temple visitors can still see 17th century mural paintings.  The ones in the chapel are quite remarkable because of their exquisite quality and because there are so many.