The Calvary


It’s situated to the right of the asphalted road going up to the St. Anthony and St. Christopher chapels. At the highest part there are cypresses and an iron cross. It’s dotted with fourteen small masonry chapels with lime plaster and Arabic tile forming the Calvary.

The procession on Holy Friday stops at the Calvary. On the Saturday before Easter, people pray along the Via Crucis stations in memory of the steps Jesus took to his death.

In the lower portion there is a recreational spot with an ornamental fountain and a small park with a children’s play area.  It’s also been prepared for use.  About ten years ago, some excavation work uncovered the remains of a 13th or 14th century Muslim cemetery and found human remains (bones) as well as period ceramics.



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In the area going up to the chapels, on the side of Mt. St. Christopher.