Ermita de Santa Barbara


This ermita, or small church, is located four kilometres away from the village, on the outskirts, in the area known as “Can Redo”. The legend goes that it was built because of the determination of a Tírig resident to give thanks that nobody was hurt when a lightning bolt struck his home and completely destroyed it. Construction started in 1603 under the supervision of Joan Gogia, a French stonecutter who lived in San Mateo (Castellón).23


It is built on a platform on the summit’s rock, which is the ermita’s interior flooring. This rectangular building measures 18 metres by 5 and possesses one sole nave. It is a simple and austere construction, built from whitewashed ashlar stones. Its roof is double-sloped on the outside, while inside it has a barrel-vaulted roof, apart from the presbytery, which has a cross-ribbed vault. The Saint’s symbol and an illegible legend are inscribed on the keystone, and there is a side wall to protect against strong winds. The entrance is a wooden door in a rounded arch that is set into irregular ashlars. There is a trumpet-shaped window above the door and the top of the façade features a bell gable that holds one bell.