Parish Church

Olocau del Rey

Construction on this church began in the 14th century. Its interior is Gothic, although it has a Romanesque door. Later, in the 18th century, it was covered in Baroque plasterwork.

It is rectangular in shape and has one sole nave, as well as side chapels that make the most of the space in between the buttresses. It has six galleries and a straight apse. The gallery located at the entrance has a choir in its upper section, through which you can access the bell tower found there.

The three intermediate ones are similar, and connect to the centre of the church. The fifth gallery is wide and has an elliptical vault. The final one is similar to the first gallery, and has a semi-elliptical vault.

A small chapel with a bucket-shaped vault made from late-Gothic ashlars is located behind the altar and in front of the entrance. A statue of the Virgen de la Naranja is venerated in one of the chapels. This Roman carving from the 13th or 14th century remained in the eponymous chapel until 1924, when it was moved to the village to be safer.