Ermita de Santa Magdalena

Olocau del Rey

This primitive ermita, or small church, which dates back to the Reconquista period of Spain, has four corridors, which feature four-centred arches and have visible buttresses on the outside that support its double-sloped roof. Its entrance is on the side of the building and opens onto the second corridor, through a rounded arch made of ashlars.

The only other opening onto the outside is a small loophole-style window made from dressed stones, and found at the foot of the nave. The walls are built out of rough stones, and the corners are built from ashlars.

The roof is made from Arabian tiles, and the eaves are ceramic with a tile base. The floor tiles are made from fired clay. The ceiling is a brick vault split into two partitions.

Next to the ermita, there is an old walking path. All that remains are ruins of the stone pavement and the rough stone walls that defined it.



  • 12312 Olocau del Rey