Els Pelegrins de les Useres

Year after year, since the 14th century, on the last Friday of April the municipality of Les Useres in Castellón fulfils its silent promise of pilgrimage to the Ermitori de Sant Joan de Penyagolosa, covering 35 kilometres on foot.

Only men who are residents of Les Useres and are twenty-one years old can be pilgrims. The pilgrims are chosen in strict rotation and following a homogeneous selective criterion, as they go through all the neighbourhoods and streets of the town, leaving no house unvisited. The registration of the pilgrims is done on the fourth Sunday before the celebration and starts with the house following the last pilgrim of the previous year, until they get the thirteen and some reserve in case any pilgrim fails at the last moment.

The Pilgrimage of Les Useres to San Juan de Peñagolosa, declared a Property of Intangible Cultural Interest since April 29, 2016, Decree 53/2016 published in the DOCV on May 3, 2016.

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