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San Blas

The festivities of San Blás, patron saint of the city, gain relevance and singularity thanks to the tradition Font del Ví celebration (a fountain of wine for all those who wish to pay it a visit). Held every 3 February, this festivity once again proves the conservative and traditional nature of the city’s inhabitants who honour their patron saint with wine.
Aside from being a festivity of great cultural tradition and singularity, it has also been acknowledged as a Provincial Festivity of Tourist Interest, granting it even more relevance and prestige. It is worth highlighting its great gastronomic character, given that the predominant factor involves tastings of meat products (along with wine, bread rolls filled with sausages and blood sausages from local butchers are given out). This is the festivity during which the traditional calderas de San Blas are prepared and visitors can try the typical rotllos de Sant Blai.
Amidst the celebrations in honour of the patron saint, the city also holds sporting events, cultural acts and attractive exhibitions. Much awaited by the inhabitants of Burriana, we can enjoy the procession in honour of San Blas, which is accompanied with great devotion during its transfer to its church. To complement this festivity, every two years the city celebrates a “Mostra gastronomica” and the Gastronomic meetings of the Orange, which are becoming more and more rooted as the years go by. 

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