Sources La Tejería and El Campillo

El Toro

Framed in the Sierra del Toro which gives it its name, a Javalambre foothill with important peaks such the Magaña strut that exceeds 1,600 metres in height, the environment invites you to take walks to discover all its biodiversity and historic legacy. 

A walk through this charming rural town, from the Plaza de la Iglesia, allows you to see remains of the irregular-based medieval castle with the San Miguel chapel on its interior and the powerful keep declared as a Site of Cultural Interest (SCI).   The town hall from 1570 with its triple-arched porch was also declared a SCI or the church of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles (17th century) with a barrel vault with lunettes, pillars with Tuscan capitals and bell tower are other notable buildings. As well as the Fuente del Járiz and the Santa María and San Roque chapels or the medieval bridge, in the vicinity of the Sierra del Toro, the Tejería and El Campillo fuentes with recreational areas and the walk on the Ojos Negros greenway.