Museo Francisco Agut

Sierra Engarcerán

The Francisco Agut Museum was opened in 2011 and can be found on Calle Sant Antoni, in Sierra’s town centre. Francisco Agut, born in Sierra in the Masía de Miralles, dedicated most of his life to working with and crafting stone. 

Although some of his works have been moved to other national and international territories, such as Italy and the United States, his birthplace holds an important collection of emblems and crosses engraved in stone that may be visited throughout the year, and which give us an idea of the great work he has completed.

The story behind this collection is that it was created after receiving an order from the Vatican. This order was nothing more than the engraving of various papal shields. Francisco completed the work, and then decided to delve further into this craft, thus starting the magnificent collection that we can enjoy today in this museum named after him.


  • 12182 Sierra Engarcerán