Bishop Beltran Museum Collection

Sierra Engarcerán

The Bishop Beltrán museum collection is housed within the Palacio Casalduch in the Sierra de Engarceran. The museum is located on the upper floor of the building, and is split between two rooms. If you climb the stairs, you will find a 1999 painting by Jordi Alayo Manubens titled L’últim record d’una terra estimada (The last memory of a loved land).

In the first room on the left as you enter, you can see the instruments of the old town band. As you move further into the room, you will find two display cabinets, one with examples of lithic technology from the Palaeolithic era dating back to 10,000 B.C. These were found in l’abric d’En Melia. The second cabinet holds a 10th-century board game called Alquerque, which was discovered in Tosal de la Vila. Next to them is a scale model of one of the houses found in Tosal de la Vila.


  • 12182 Sierra Engarcerán