Parish Church


The Parish Church of Montanejos is dedicated to the Apostle Santiago, patron saint of the town, and was built at the end of the 18th century (1782-1798) on a previous temple from the 16th century.

In its transept, the dome can be found, supported by four pendentives, in which the four Evangelists are represented writing: Saint Mark (and together with his symbolic animal, the lion), Saint Luke (who is represented as the painter of the Virgin), Saint John (together with his symbolic animal, the eagle) and, finally, Saint Matthew (next to the angel that inspires him). All these paintings are frescoes made by Luis Antonio Planes, at the end of the 18th century. They follow the style set by the Academy of Fine Arts, also called academicism, characterized by classicism, moderation, balance and the norms.

The bell tower is provided with three bells, two old ones dating from 1869, one called María del Rosario (musical note B) and another San Jaime Apóstol (musical note D) and a third from 1914 called Jesús, María, José (musical note E).



  • 12448 Montanejos