St. Michael’s Chapel

La Serratella

The new temple is known for its simplicity. It has a rectangular floor plan with a single nave and four corridors in addition to a high altar. Moreover, there are side chapels that connect to each other through wide passageways which are open to the nave through semi-circular arches that rest on imposts and are covered by a  groin vault. The decoration is also light with the front of the altar particularly standing out with the image of the saint to which the temple is dedicated.

On the other hand, the outside is immensely austere, following neoclassical canons with straight lines and typical materials for these types of structures (masonry and ashlar). There’s a bell tower on the initial portions of the facade.  Only two of them are separate, one which is trapezoid-shaped (the one that is connected to the rest of the temple).  Standing out is the clock and the final portion which features the bells.

Part of the parish treasure includes the Renaissance velvet pyx with decoration on the back featuring two angels holding a chalice crowned by the Eucharistic bread.