La Bassa Gateway

La Salzadella

Part of the historical medieval wall, known since the 13th century, when the primitive centre of the city was fortified, still stands in La Salzadella. A portion of a section of this wall can still be observed today; it’s been declared a Site of Cultural Interest. The layout of the La Salzadella wall consisted of four portals protected by turrets that encompassed the heart of medieval La Salzadella: the old church, the hospital, the House of the Court, the old furnace, the inn, the public grain market, the prison, the old Fosar and the main street Calle Mayor.

The masonry wall features an inclination on the external side for better defence. Inside, a semi-detached house stands out that may have been used to actually reinforce the very structure of the wall.

Thus, the Bassa Gateway is one of the portals on the medieval wall that protected the entrance to the old Sant Mateu trail. The Portal has an ashlar semi-circular arch over which there’s an inner opening which corresponded to a small ancient window that’s no longer present.