St. Joseph Chapel

La Salzadella

It’s located on the eastern part of the town at an altitude of 635 metres and practically above the dividing line with Santa Magdalena de Polpís.

It dates back to the 14th century.  St. Christopher was venerated here until the 17th century.  The change may have been due to the presence of Franciscans in the area, who promoted a devotion to St. Joseph. The small, simple building has a rectangular floor plan 8 metres deep by 5 metres wide.  It has plastered walls, ashlar reinforced corners and an exterior gabled roof. Access to the temple is through a wrought iron and glass door at the end of a couple of steps.  It’s framed by a half-pointed arch with irregular voussoirs and a loophole above them. The facade is finished in a gable, which is used as a belfry in a metal construction structure holding only one bell. As far as the interior, it has two corridors decorated with ceramic plinths on the walls.

Practically all the valuable pieces were lost during the Civil War except for the image of the saint.  The original one is still on display today thanks to the fact that a man from La Salzadella hid it inside a cave during those years.