Vilavella Spa Association

La Vilavella

Vilavella Spa Association

Here, you can follow the traditions of establishments from the beginning of last century and enjoy the healing, thermal waters. The first use of the Villavieja baths dates back to the Roman era.


- Aerosol: Mineromedicinal water is inhaled using special equipment that produces miniature vapour particles.
-    Bath: This involves immersing yourself in the mineromedicinal water at a set temperature for a set time.
- Hydromassage Bath: This involves adding pressurised water to the bath with the aim of moving the mineromedicinal water so that it acts like a massage.
-   Pressure jets: Here, mineromedicinal water is applied manually with adjustable pressure.
-    Hydroponic treatment: This involves the oral intake of micromedicinal water at a rhythm decided by a doctor. It has therapeutic benefits.
-    Circular shower: It uses low-pressure micromedicinal water which spouts from multiple holes.
-    Mud treatments: Mud made by mixing soil with mineromedicinal water.
-    Manual massage: This consists of a manual massage of the body. 
-    Steam Room: The human body is exposed to steam with therapeutic benefits.