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St. James Archpriestal Church

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest - Vila-real

Declared a Comunitat Valenciana Site of Cultural Interest (BIC in Spanish) in 2005, the main church, St. James of Vila-Real, is considered the largest church of its kind for worship in Spain. It was built between 1752 and 1779, features a Baroque style floor plan and neoclassical decoration. Erected in 1682, the octagonal bell tower on the main facade is a real symbol for the city.

On the inside, visitors can see paintings relating to the martyrdom of St. James, the late-18th century work of José Vergara, as well as fresco paintings by the same author in the communion chapel and important sculpture work like the sculpture of St. James by master sculpturer Amorós and the Veronica and St. Sepulchre by José Ortells, among others.