El Baró Castle


An enormous manor house with defensive characteristics stands majestically in the highest part of the town of Herbers.  It’s known today as 'Castell de Herbers'. This noble house was built completely in stone in the 16th century.  It still maintains some of the defensive architectural elements, including the crenelated walls. Above the entrance door featuring a semi-circular stone voussoir is the coat of arms of one of the families that had owned this house: the Ram de Viu family.  One member of this family, Baron de Herbés, was a particularly important figure during the Carlist Wars. This coat of arms is quartered and bears the cross of the Order of St. James of the Sword which is stamped with the baron’s crown. The building as a whole is Gothic in style with a rectangular floor plan and battlements at the top.  There are also some Gothic-style pointed arch windows with openwork ornaments and some original bars. The rooms on the inside are still conserved. The lords’ rooms were on the first floor whereas the ground floor had two jail cells, the ‘ice-box', the cellars and the winepress. The parade ground is still conserved opposite the main facade. This manor house was the seat of a barony belonging to the Cubells family, later passed on by marriage to the Valls family and then to the Aragonese family Ram de Viu, to whom it still belongs.