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Ecce Homo Chapel

Borriana / Burriana

It is one of the most visited chapels in Burrriana, which has given rise to the popular phrase "Ecce-Homo Fridays", a day of pilgrimage and visitation by the parishioners in honour of the day on which the church image was found. The story goes that on the morning of Friday, 12 October 1787, one of Mr Mayner's workers, while working the fields, found something that really surprised him: among the earth he found an image made of clay, of Christ tortured and condemned by Pilate with the crown of thorns.

The building, which is very humble, has details on its façade, providing it with a slightly baroque style. It is accompanied by a well designed to quench the thirst of pilgrims and a porch that gives access to the interior of the chapel. Inside, the graves, apparently of Mr. Mayner and his wife, the area of​the sacristy and the room for votive offerings can be found.



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 How to arrive:

It is located 3 km away from the town, along the port road. Then, take the path to the hermitage.