San José Temple and Carmelite Convent

Borriana / Burriana

The Carmelite Convent of Burriana was founded in 1896, leading to the construction of a beautiful church many years later. In 1903 this House was elevated to the category of Priory. Finally, on 17 April 1929, the town saw the opening of the temple built under the supervision of the municipal architect of Castellón Mr. Godofredo Ros de Ursinos, following the standards governing Gothic architecture. The building, of moderate decoration but elegant lines, has a rectangular floor plan and boasts a large transept with altars and six side chapels.

In the main altar of the temple we find the image of San José, to whom the temple is dedicated thanks to the special will of those who donated the land on which the convent was built. In so far as ornamental elements, we highlight the use of marble and artificial stones instead of wood, adding a certain degree of magnificence to the works. At the base of the church, specifically above the main entrance, we can see the choir and there are two galleries, on either side of the main altar.