“Peiró” stone cross

Atzeneta del Maestrat

It is a Gothic cross that stands on a column which is on a pedestal and, funnily, the cross is missing. It is located in the mountain range bordering the municipal area of Atzeneta and Les Useres, and can be accessed after an interesting walk on the outskirts of the town.


When leaving the town of Atzeneta, take the Old Castle Road to reach Molí Beltran. Then, cross the Rambla, and when reaching the Poldo farm, the entrance is located to the right. Continue along the main path until reaching the foot from the Sierra de Creu, which is the limit of the term of Atzeneta and Les Useres.

Then, enter the path that starts on the left side of the road and climbs towards the mountains where the Piló de la Creu is located.