The Astropunt de Culla is an observatory located at the highest point in Maestrat at 1030m high, far from any point of light pollution and with a broad view of the sky. It is in the Ermita de Sant Cristófal de Culla (Castellón), about 1km from the town centre. Astromaestrat offers astronomy observations with the aim of promoting rural tourism and night-time leisure activities aimed an audience who loves nature and science.

The session is led by a technician, Master in Astronomy and Astrophysics. The level of the explanations depends on the level of knowledge of the group: amateur, intermediate or professional. During the session you will see the different celestial bodies and identify all the visible constellations and visible stars. Each session is unique, since the visibility of the celestial bodies depends on the moon, the time of year, the day, the time...

INSTRUMENTATION: The observatory has a sliding dome with an area of 15m2, with a capacity for 15 people, it is equipped with a TMB apochromatic refracting telescope, with a 130 millimetre aperture and a 1200 millimetre focal distance (F:9), on EQ6 Pro computerised equatorial mounts. It also has an extensive collection of different eyepieces, which allow for greater versatility in the observation of different bodies such as stars, planets, galaxies or nebulae, and you can ever do astrophotography of brilliant celestial objects. It also has a Coronadao PST telescope, for an observation completely safe from the sun.



Astronomic observation (*maximum groups of 15 people):
1h30m session: €40 per group
2h30m session: €60 per group