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Parc Miner del Maestrat


Mina Esperanza de La Torre d'en Besora has joined with la Mina Victoria de Culla

They are two old iron mines separated by about 300 metres that were exploited in the 40s (in the post-war period) until the start of the 60s. During the visits which we carry out, we see the two mines and become aware of the hard work that the men did inside them while they were working. In the two mines as a whole, we see the different trades that were in them, the tools that they used, the galleries and shafts that they opened in addition to the minerals that they extracted or stalactites. In addition to the interior of the mine, the surrounding landscape is also very attractive, they are in the mountains surrounded by junipers and rosemary. We have a viewpoint at about 850 meters high, from which, on clear days, you can see to the sea.

In this season we are mainly visiting on weekends and holidays. Although if you book it we can also make them on working days.



The starting times for visits are: 11:00, 12:00 and 16:00 every Saturday, Sunday and Festival. And the duration of the visit is approximately 2 hours.