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Peñíscola Castle

Peníscola / Peñíscola

Peñíscola Castle is, throughout the entire year, a cultural landmark in the province of Castellón, being a place of great cultural gatherings which hosts different temporal exhibitions of varied themes.

Throughout the year, this extraordinary castle, built by the Templars and once home to Antipope Benedict XIII and the Order of Montesa, also hosts a great number of activities, the highlights of which include: classical music concerts (Ciclo de Conciertos Música Clásica Ciudad de Peñíscola), the International Festival of Ancient and Baroque Music (Festival Internacional de Música Antiga i Barroca de Peníscola), the classical theatre festival (Festival de Teatro Clásico de Peñíscola) and an opera festival (Festival de Ópera Castillo de Peñíscola) etc.