Borriol has a long and rich history, as evidenced by the fact that the Roman Vía Augusta passed through the town. Many archaeological sites show us that the place was settled even in prehistoric times (the Albaroc cave paintings) - the Borriol castle, which witnessed both the Islamic age and the Christian conquest, has a long history, linked to Ximén Pérez d'Arenós and the Boil, Thous and Casalduch families.


The proximity to the capital, Castellón de la Plana, makes Borriol a dynamic town with a burgeoning economy. Agriculture and industry are the main driving forces behind the town's growth.

What to see

The urban area, the parish church, the castle and the Calvary.


The rain-fed farm lands, with olive and carob trees, next to the mountains in the Desert de les Palmes Natural Park, offer a typically Mediterranean landscape.