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Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is held in early December. This market, which began in 2006, offers a variety of Christmas products, artisan goods and the best of local gastronomy.

You can sample sweets, figs and other typical local Christmas foods. You can also attend a workshop on makings sweets, cocas con membrillo or cocas con miel (flatbread with quince or honey) sweet potato confit, fritters or sugared almonds. We can also find local charcuterie like longaniza sausage, chorizo or black pudding as well as pates and cheeses.

As well as the food, there are local artisans and local associations and tradespeople offering a range of items from local crafts to overseas products: hand-embroidered linen, objects made from olive wood, stone crafts, baskets and tin baskets, bracelets and earrings, recycled glass, Christmas floral table centres, artisan soap, etc.

The Christmas market also includes an exhibition of the rural houses and masías of Les Coves de Vinromà.

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