August Festivities

They are held on August 15th, 16th and 27th. On August 15th, day of the Assumption of Mary and “Dia de l’Agost” for local residents; religious events are held in the morning, the children’s "Ball de Plaça" in the evening and a musical performance in the Plaza México garden at night. On the following day, “Dia de l’Agostet”, the festivity of the melon is held, and the “collas” (groups of friends) get together to snack on this fruit. To conclude, on the 17th, “Dia de la Venta” friends get together to eat. Traditionally people would go to the Masía de la Venta farmhouse in Coves de Vinromà, where they would spend the day; but as time went by, they stopped going and now people spend the day in the countryside or away from town.

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