Día de la Dobla

The Día de la Dobla is held on the Easter Tuesday.

Because of its origins, it is closely connected to the Romería del Rotllo pilgrimage. According to the story, one Easter Monday after various years of drought, children set out on a pilgrimage to ask for rain. In gratitude for the rain that was granted to them, the next day - Easter Tuesday - they made another pilgrimage up to the Ermita de San Cristóbal. The people of L’Alcora convert this into two days of celebrations, which is why it is called Día de la Doblà or de la Dobla.
Today, the tradition remains of going up to San Cristóbal and spending the day in the surrounding pine woods, where games such as the age-old trencà de perols (a similar game to piñata) are organized for the youngest children.

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