Onda Fair

The last week of October is an important day for all inhabitants of Onda, as well as for those visitors who have had the privilege of enjoying on other occasions, the week of festivals dedicated to the following patrons, Santísimo Salvador, Virgen de la Esperanza and San Roque.

For a whole week, the town’s streets are full of merriment and hold a large variety of activities tailored to all ages.

Although there are two that of course generate the most excitement, one religious, and the other, secular. We’re referring firstly, to the Sunday Fair procession when the townsfolk gather in the Raval square to sing the hymn to the Most Holy Saviour. And secondly, the bullfights are a great attraction, especially the traditional toro embolado, or the bull with flaming balls attached to its horns, which is a particular highlight for the crowds.

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