San Juan

The town’s main celebrations are held around 24 June, in honour of its patron, Saint John the Baptist. These celebrations, which go on for roughly 10 days, offer all visitors a wide variety of activities. Of particular note are the bull events, which have a distinct festive air to them, and where different groups are chased around the town by heifers.

During the evening, which has a more fantastical atmosphere, people take part in traditions that come from the old towns of the area, such as the bou embolat (fire bull). The bull runs through the town’s streets, making its presence known by the fire from its torches. The darkness of the night, the creative fire and the Mediterranean atmosphere make the celebration almost magical, just like the origin of the celebration itself.

The town’s celebrations take on a very different air in the daytime, with all types of events put on: children’s parks, theatre, music, exhibitions and much more... However, within this very quick summary, two especially relevant events must be mentioned, which are the procession, held in honour of the town’s patron saint and the feast, and the Birles i Canuts contest, where older residents remember almost-forgotten traditions with games as old as the town itself.

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