Recreation Areas

Pina de Montalgrao

Recreation Areas

Santa Bárbara

This natural space is located up on the Pico Pina, where you can find the Ermita de Santa Bárbara. The complex contains a roofed cooking area, a picnic spot, sheltered areas and a well. The boundary stone of the geodesic vertex of the Pico de Pina (1,405 m) and a forest tower are nearby.      From this area, you can see a wide panorama of Valencia, Castellón and Teruel, and on clear days you can even see the Columbretes Islands.


La Pimpollada

Located at the foot of the Santa Bárbara hill, the complex contains a roofed outdoor kitchen, a picnic area and a well.      To reach this area from the village, go towards the Pico Pina for 1.6 km and then turn off to the left, where you will find the recreational area only a few metres away. The area can hold 60 people at a time.


El Ballestero

This area is found in the North-West extreme of the village boundary, about 2 km from the village itself, by the headwaters of the La Canaleta ravine. It has a picnic area, pond and fountain.


Complejo La Cañada

This is located to the South of the village, close to the La Cañada ravine, and it is the village’s biggest recreation area. It contains a free camping area, as well as a picnic area, outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, a fountain and parking. It also features sports facilities such as a swimming pool, a multi-use sports pavilion, a Frontenis court, an indoor football pitch and a 7-a-side football pitch.