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Embalse del Sichar


Embalse del Sichar

The Sichar reservoir (Sitjar in Valencian), is a reservoir of unique beauty, of the most beautiful natural parks in the Onda area. Few places offer the visitor a sensation of peace and stillness as Sichar reservoir, where you will be able to enjoy a relaxing bathe, submerging yourself in its crystalline waters.

The reservoir also has a wonderful recreational area with tables, benches and a barbecue area in which you can spend a pleasant day in nature, from which you are not allowed to fish or sail.

The Sichar reservoir was built in 1960 in the course of the Mijares river, with an area of 317 hectares and with a maximum capacity of 52 hm³.  The work was constructed through a concrete gravity dam with a height of 58 metres and a crest length of 581 metres. Its water evacuation system consists of four bottom spillways with a capacity of 60 m³/s and another two at the top of the dam with gates with a capacity 2800 m³/s.

  • Bottom Drain: completely empties the reservoir (it has a capacity of 60m3 per second)
  • Middle Drain: expels 12m3 per second.
  • Upper Drain: expels 180m3 per second.
  • Irrigation Valve: expels the water needed for the irrigation of the area for a day.
    It is mainly used to regulate irrigation, to control floods and produce electricity. This dam belongs to the Júcar Hydrographical Confederation.