Since the 18th century, the waters of various fountains have contributed to the town’s tourism development, mostly due to its medicinal-mineral properties, which are especially valued in therapeutic treatments and in the healing of certain illnesses.

Navajas’ fountains owe their fame to the aforementioned qualities of the waters; however, we must not forget its beautiful settings, nor the walks, routes and paths that provide access to these fountains and allow visitors to take in the lush vegetation which surrounds them.

Fuente del Baño

Fuente de Rafael o de la Teja

Fuente de Nuestra Sra. de la Salud o de la "Gilda"

Fuente La Bañola

Fuente del Cañar

Fuente del Lugar

Fuente de la Peña

Fuente Virgen de la Luz

Fuente del Hierro o de los Trece Caños

Fuente de Mosén Miguel

Fuente del Curso