Carcau Fountain

La Llosa

Carcau Fountain (Font del Carcau)

Natural water spring located between the villages of La Llosa and Xilxes. It has been recently conditioned.

The Font del Carcau is a source of underground water located in the area of the same name. The people of the village used to go to this natural source to get a very fresh water. The place is provided with amenities for children, paella makers, etc.

Remains of an old mill
There are remains of an old mill located next to the Font del Carcau. The whole area has been rehabilitated for use as a park, but you can still see some remains of the wall of what was the mill. What is similar to a well, is in good condition and through the protective bars you can see the original stones that formed it.

The Fonteta
This monument is located in the Carcau area. The date of its construction is not known, but it is known that throughout its history it has been used as a watering place and later as a washing place. At present it has no use but it is in a good state of conservation.