Ravine of Chóvar


Ravine of Chóvar

This ravine has some special characteristics (silicon soil, humidity, altitude, etc.). The typical vegetation is the cork tree and we also find maritime pine. Other trees that we can appreciate are oak, sweet chestnut and a variety of trees that rarely become large and are important to the region: bird cherries, holly, common hazel and the common juniper.

In terms of the shrubs we have heather, steppes and a large variety of lower height plants, amongst which some endemic plants such as thistle and the clavel de roca. There are also different species of mushrooms, while lichens decorate the landscape of the entire sierra.

The fauna has found favourable conditions to survive in the territory, so among the large mammals we can name the wild boar, fox, weasel and the badger. Of the smaller ones there is the African hedgehog and important populations of various species of endangered bats. We can also find different species of day birds (different species of eagles) and night birds. The population of reptiles is represented by the lizard and various species of snakes, while the most representative amphibians are frogs and the southern salamander. In terms of insects, the variety and richness is also important.