Vilanova d'Alcolea

“Mas de Calaf” Fountain

This fountain is located in the “Mas de Calaf” area, a beautiful spot which contains one of the best fountains of high quality, natural water. It also has barbecue facilities and stone benches under some magnificent black poplars.

  • “Dels Terrers” Fountain

This fountain is located in the “La Font” section of the village, and, given the evidence of troughs, was originally intended to provide animals with water. It is thought that its name, “Terrers”, comes from the fact it is built of stone and earth.
It was constructed in 1718, as stated by the inscription on one of its stones.

It should be noted that the fountain is never dry at any point of the year.

  • “La Carrasqueta” Fountain

When the road was extended, this fountain disappeared. It was named after the area it was in.

  • “Puig Pedró” Fountain

This fountain is located in the “Puigpedró” area of the village, next to the Blasco country house. This beautiful construction looks like a small stone hut and, like the “dels Terrers” fountain, has never run dry. Its water is not suitable for human consumption. Apart from these fountains, which are subjectively the most important ones, there are many others spread out around the village.