The mouth of the Mijares river


The mouth of the Mijares and Les Goles river, an area bordering betwen Burriana and Almassora, it is a humid area that is highlighted for the biodiversity of birds: 207 different species have been recorded over the years and due to industrial and urban development in recent years, it still conserves the best population of camalonga and rooster in the Castellón canal. In it there are plant species such as reeds and rushes, as well as sumberged hydrophilic plants.

The Valencian Government has declared it the Mouth of the Millars Protected Landscape making it the first environment in the Comunidad to receive this protection status which is between the Natural Park, which establishes the maximum grade of protection, and the Natural Municipal Park.

The Mouth of the Millars Protected Landscape has an area of 424.65 hectres in the Almassora, Burriana and Vila-real municipalities. This area is considered, as well as, a Special Protection Area (SPA) for birds; a Site of Community Interest (SCI) for its inclusition in the Natura 2000 Netowrk and it is included in the Comunidad Valenciana Catalogue of Humid Areas.