Els Estanys


Els Estanys are fresh water lagoos that in the Marjal de Almenara, halfway between the town and the Playa Casablanca, originating in the aquifers of the Sierra de Espadán forming part of a Flora Micro-reserve and a Site of Community Interest (SCI).

The animal biodiversity is very high: molluscs, fish and amphibians, and an ornithology with a large number of catalogued birds.

It is necessary to highlight the variety of vegetation: submerged, floating and on the shores. Ultimately in addition, important sites with Iberian, Greek and Roman paleontological remains have been found.

Els Estanys has a relevant importance by being one of the best conserved areas in the region, despite the influence of both the cultivation of its lands and the pressures from other activities such as hunting, urban development, etc.