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Racó de Nando


These caves are oriented to the South, they overlook the Barranc de Monlleó forming a semicircle in a meander of the ravine. The scenery is impressive, both due to the landscape and vegetation as well as its location. In order to access the caves, you have to climb some slopes up to some security bars that protect the paintings, access is difficult. You can see 25 paintings painted in different shades of red as well as black. They are archers and different human figures, wild boars and deer, and other not easily identified animals. A hunting scene with the archetypal archer on the run chasing a wounded wild boar or hunters stalking deer are the most significant sets. The figure of a bearded archer with a hair band holding a basket is also noteworthy. The paintings are very similar to those we can find in the Cova Remígia.

The streets of Benasal were enclosed by walls of which we can still admire parts of its canvases and three beautiful towers (Redona,  Presó and d'En Garcés), next to them as the most important monuments we can mention "La Mola", old Gothic town hall from the 14th century and now home to the local Archaeological Museum which can be accessed through an interesting Moorish tradition gate; the parish church of the Assumption (14th - 18th century) the baroque palace of the Sánchez Cotanda family, "Els Carrrerons", and a group of narrow streets with carefully preserved popular architecture. In terms of the chapels the Sant Roc, Sant Cristófol, La Magadalena and Cristo del Calvario chapels stand out.

The site of the Montlleó River stands out. In the vicinity of its course there is a small school, several farmhouses and mills, as well as the Racó de Nando cave paintings. The town of Benassal is also famous for the excellent waters of the Font d'En Segures Spa, mentioned since ancient times to combat kidney, bladder and respiratory diseases. This spa is an important holiday centre surrounded by hotels, villas and apartments. Also, a short distance from the Fuente En Segures is the Paraje del Rivet, a small common oak and holm oak forest, a very interesting place from a natural point of view.


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