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Abrigo del Barranco de l’Espigolar

La Serratella

On the walls of the Abrigo del Barranco de l’Espigolar in Serratella we will be able to see many engraved motifs.
We find representations of different signs, deer and other figures engraved on the rock, grouped along 8 panels. There are also schematic human figures in the cave.

Access to the vertical wall is very difficult, looking out over the steep ravine and the fierce vegetation that surrounds it.

The location of the cave in the part where the ravine is narrower and where the mountain is more vertical caused the engravings to remain undiscovered and uncatalogued for many years. There is large variety in the sizes of the figures and in the detail of their execution. The visit is recommended for experts only. We also find painted Levantine Art figures from and we can guess a similarity with the representations of the Abric of Melia, due to the techniques used of fine incisions and scraping of the rock to indicate the filling.

In the 18th century the San Juan de Nepomuceno chapel was built, from which there is a good view of the surrounding land, as from there you can see the sea, the coast with its villages and the Columbretes islands on one side and Culla, Ares and Albocàsser on the other. In the town centre the San Miguel chapel (18th-19th century) stands out. La Font de la Figuera and El Rotadó, can be the destination for pleasant excursions, since the Sarratella landscape combines the wild green of the pines and the forest with warmer tones in the fields of olive and almond trees. The dry stone constructions stand out amongst the aromatic plants.



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