Sexenio Museum



Every six years, the heat and the colour of the party arise.

Located in the church of San Nicolás, the "De Sis en Sis" Museum shows the value and the beauty of a tradition that has remained since 1673. The Sexenio festivities are some of the oldest on the Mediterranean coast, preserving a cultural heritage as important as bagpipe and drum music, clothing and guild dances. The adornments of the streets of Morella are another part of this rich historical heritage. Every six years, the medieval city prepares to receive the Sexenio with hand-crafted decorations made by the neighbours. Firstly, this popular art was made of vegetable elements, now the adornments are made of fine curled silk paper. The curly paper forms lovely designs that fill the medieval streets. Colour, beauty and tradition can be enjoyed in this museum, and we can take a close look at the elaboration of these tapestries or decorations. There is also an interesting photographic collection of the festivities, guild clothing of the Sexenio, music and other traditional items.



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